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OeOersted (CGS measurement unit of magnetic energy)
OeOriginal Equipment
OeOutboard Engine (boating)
OeOtitis Externa
OeOld English
OeOuter Envelope
OeOffice Equipment (Hekimian)
OeOpen End
OeOwner's Equity (accounting)
OeOutlook Express (Microsoft)
OeOhio Edison
OeOutput Enable
OeOn Examination (clinical notes)
OeOffice of Enforcement
OeOperational Excellence
Oeoral epithelium
OeOrganizational Effectiveness
OeOld Etonian (Eton College)
OeOrder Entry (CRM module)
OeOperating Environment
OeOpen Embedded (computing)
OeOpen Enrollment
OeOutcome Expectancy
OeOwner's Engineer
OeOperational Effectiveness
OeOperating Expense
OeOperating Experience
OeOrdnance and Explosives
OeObjective Evidence
OeOil Equivalent
OeOperator Error
OeOffline Explorer
OeOptical to Electrical
OeOperating Engineer
OeOperaciones Especiales (Spanish: Special Operations)
OeOverseas Experience (travel)
OeOptions Exchange
OeOrganizational Element
OeOption Expiration
OeOrganizational Economics
OeOperational Evaluation
OeOld Edwardian (King Edward's School Birmingham)
OeOxytocin and Ergometrine
OeOperational Error
OeOperational Energy (US Army)
OeOperating Envelope (OMS term)
OeOpposing Elements
OeOver Etch (semiconductor gate etching)
OeOrbital Express (DARPA satellite servicing demonstration)
OeOpen Entries
OeOperational Element
OeOld Ellesmerian (club; UK)
OeOptical Extension
OeOver-equipped (gaming)
OeOpportunity Enterprises, Inc (Valparaiso, IN)
OeOver Exaggeration
OeOfficer of Elections (voting)
OeObservatório Eleitoral (Portuguese: Electoral Observatory; Mozambique)
OeOrthochromatic Erythroblast
OeOregon Electric Railway Company
OeOccupational Entrance (high-school job preparation program)
OeOptical Engineer/Ing
OeOverlay Explorer
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General Giap made the huge professionally trained and over-equipped American army look utterly ridiculous, and their leaders helplessly irate, puncturing, in the process, the myth of American supremacy' Norman Dixon in his book 'On the Psychology of Military Incompetence'.
The way the game is played withoversized, over-coached and over-equipped players, representing our modern gladiators who are facing off to the death over territories.
In fact, I'm sure most people would say I'm over-equipped to the point of obsession.
Abolish harmful subsidies: small-scale operators attack the current subsidy system that finances the scrapping of numerous vessels that are replaced by large over-equipped vessels.
We learned from our experiences with The Boy, who was seriously over-equipped, and so The Girl has no tart tins with removable bottoms, wine glasses or sandwich makers.
I'd like to think my one-of-a-kind, over-equipped Harley Davidson is worth 10 times more than it really is--or at least as much dough as I've thrown at it.
Today's suburban kitchens are staged set pieces, over-equipped and underused monuments to what used to be the warmest room in the house.
In a cautionary parallel tale of trips on ice and through jungle, Fawcett's last expedition in search of El Dorado was challenged by an over-equipped rival, American explorer Alexander Hamilton Rice.
We need to watch now for when we will be over-equipped," Snanoudj notes.