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The overall diameter of the building of 12 m outside diameter is in accordance with the projected dome inside, with a diameter of 8 m and the necessary installation easements.
"It sits on tyres with an overall diameter of up to 815mm, resulting in a very large contact patch.
Close examination of the Revolution DI's bolt showed that the bolt lugs are shorter and the overall diameter is slightly larger than a regular AR-15 bolt.
For the patients who have very deep articular defects, which extend all the way down to the bone, the treatment of such articular defects depend upon the location and the overall diameter of the defect.
"For the Pickers project, we targeted minimal operational impact by maintaining filling-head height and bore, overall diameter, label area, and the closure within the range of existing equipment adjustability."
Telescopes show Venus's phase thinning from about 70% to 57% lit, while the overall diameter of its disk grows from 16" to around 20", less than that of Mars.
The KAMRA Inlay is made of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) and has an overall diameter of 3.8mm with a central aperture of 1.6mm and a thickness of 5pm (see Figure I).
In other words, you have a dense network of polymer chains-themselves only 1-2 nm in diameter-organized into a structure that resembles a fiber, with an overall diameter in the range of 30-50 nm.
Some of the bullets actually had their petals bend back past perpendicular and would potentially lose points on the FBI scale because the overall diameter was smaller than it could have been had the petals been perpendicular.
The lens' overall diameter is 10.75 mm, its optical surface diameter is 6 mm, and it includes an ultraviolet filter.
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