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OCPDObsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
OCPDOvercurrent Protection Device
OCPDover Current Protection Device
OCPDOcoee Police Department (Ocoee, FL)
OCPDOceans and Coastal Protection Division (EPA)
OCPDOcean City Police Department (Maryland and New Jersey)
OCPDOfficer in Charge of Police District (Malaysia)
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Most of the time, the overcurrent protection device can be a fuse or a circuit breaker.
According to the NEC 110.10, overcurrent protection devices shall be selected to permit the OCPD to clear a fault without damage to the electrical components of the circuit.
Proper maintenance of overcurrent protection devices, as specified by the manufacturer, is critical to effectively and consistently operate within manufacturing specifications in the event of an overcurrent condition.
Fuses are the other common overcurrent protection device. They were used almost exclusively until the invention of inexpensive circuit breakers, and are still common in pre-1960s homes.
Features include embedded reduced harmonic technology to minimize wire size and the size of upstream overcurrent protection devices, a local/remote button for quick start up, and embedded communications.
Cooper Electronic Technologies, a unit of Cooper Bussmann, is a global manufacturer of over-voltage and overcurrent protection devices, supercapacitors, and magnetics.
has introduced a family member of overcurrent protection devices. The FRH Series of resettable fuses is designed for telecommunications and networking applications.