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OVUFOverflow/Underflow (Elasticity Buffer)
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In addition, to avoid the overflow/underflow problems, Lee et al.
In order to maintain embedded data security and improve the overflow/underflow problem, we propose a secure data hiding scheme by employing an additional modulus function.
Continuous communication requires bit or packet stuffing and FIFO management to prevent overflow/underflow.
The core is parameterizable, allowing specification of the core via an easy-to-use graphical user interface for the implementation of advanced features such as CRC, overflow/underflow and zero insertion.
However, 8-bit depth images have less intensity to handle the overflow/underflow problems.
The checker enables PolySpace software to generate messages when code does not comply with checkable JSF++ rules, including those related to overflow/underflow analysis, unreachable code identification, dereferencing null pointers, and initialization.
We will demonstrate the experimental results of our approaches and give some discussion about the exception problem of overflow/underflow and overhead in this section.
RISC-plus-MAC machines lack functions such as fractional arithmetic, overflow/underflow protection, dual 16-bit arithmetic, post-modified pointer arithmetic with circular buffers, zero-overhead looping and other specialized DSP ALU instructions.
Note that it is possible for image receiver to recover original image and extract the embedded data by some overhead information, which includes the location of overflow/underflow grayscale values, the value of M and m, etc.
0, 255] for grayscale image), the pair becomes invalid due to overflow/underflow.