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OHLEOverhead Line Equipment (railways)
OHLEOver Head Line Electrification (UK)
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Iarnrod ireann requires the services of competent and experienced Overhead Line Equipment (OHLE) personnel suitably equipped to assist its Signalling, Electrical and Telecommunications (SET) Dept.
DUNBLANE Overhead line equipment at Railway Station, Station Road FK15 9EP for Network Rail.
There was no service between New Street and Redditch for a time because of damage to overhead line equipment.
The work on the railways includes overhead line equipment, used to hold the wires for electrification, being installed.
Network Rail says that plans to modernise the track by installing overhead line equipment and platform upgrades will affect rail services for three weekends in November.
This will include further signalling upgrades, widening, lengthening and remodelling of platform six and installation of overhead line equipment.
Holidaymakers faced missing their flights as rail services to Stansted Airport were disrupted by branches coming into contact with overhead line equipment.
a company specialising in the hire of overhead line equipment to the rail sector.
OHP employs a team of 25 and also comprises Rail Hire UK, which offers overhead line equipment for hire in the rail sector.
My list would include the mitigation cost of the selected greenfield route, the reliability of a system planned to send every train to the north of the country up a single track at the rate of 18 an hour, the dependability of the points on the network handling that traffic at 400km/h, and the reliability of the overhead line equipment carrying 300 trains a day, each drawing up to 800A.
Upgrades to overhead line equipment, will also be carried out as well as signalling being replaced along 12 miles of the line and an upgrade to power supplies.
Siemens also will supply a fleet of 19 Avenio low-floor LRVs (light rail vehicles), which will be equipped with the Sitras HES system for catenary-free (the removal of the overhead line equipment and the pantograph from the tram system) operation.