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Therefore, the MIT overload relay becomes small in size by removing the large mechanical switch and has the accuracy irrespective of environment temperature during long term.
The E300 overload relay also provides an embedded Web server, which allows maintenance personnel to use a simple Web browser to integrate the E300 overload relay from any Internet-enabled device without the need for special software.
7 January 2014 - US circuit protection solutions company Littelfuse Inc (NASDAQ:LFUS) said it had acquired domestic overload relays and pump controllers provider SymCom Inc for an unspecified amount.
In addition, the complete line of WEG industrial controls are described, which includes overload relays, terminal blocks and power factor correction capacitors.
Also available are 30 and 22 mm pilot devices, 16 and 13 mm indicator lights, contactors, overload relays, motor protection circuit breakers, disconnect switches, cam switches, terminal blocks, and general purpose relays.
Advanced motor protection features of Motor Logic[R] Plus II overload relays provide the capability to customize protection levels and make the Model 6 iMCC appropriate for any motor control center application.
By detecting underspeed conditions before thermal overload relays in motors trip, motion detection improves productivity and increases conveyor uptime.
The DUO Series of motor contactors, overload relays, and manual motor starters can provide a complete motor control solution up to 300 hp.
CGT Series thermal overload relays integrally mount to CGC Series contactors, and they provide thermal over-load protection with Class 10 trip characteristics.