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ONGOrganización No Gubernamental (Spanish: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOrganisation Non Gouvernementale (French: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOrganização Não-Governamental (Portuguese: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOrganizzazione Non Governativa (Italian: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOngeveer (Dutch: approximately)
ONGOrganizatiile Neguvernamentale (Romanian: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOklahoma Natural Gas
ONGOhio National Guard
ONGOperation No Gangs (Texas)
ONGOptical Networking Group
ONGOvernight Guest
ONGMornington, Queensland, Australia - Mornington Is (Airport Code)
ONGOffice Next Generation (Microsoft Office)
ONGOptical Network Gateway
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In addition, the city's colleges, festivals and sporting events, prestigious medical facilities and various businesses also bring individuals from throughout the region, nationally, and internationally resulting in overnight guests.
The Court concluded that while "an overnight guest in a home may claim the protection of the Fourth Amendment.
Capacity for overnight guests will be between 800 and 1,000.
Parker Bowles, a frequent overnight guest, was there, and his father told him the mix-up was an inevitable ``clash of diaries.
HOUSEHOLDERS are being urged to offer music fans a bed for the night - after all available overnight guest accommodation has been fully booked for Bedworth's 29th annual folk festival this weekend.
A landing can become a curl-up nook, a work area, or even a cozy sleeping platform for an overnight guest.
Hotels in Oman witnessed a significant increase in the number of European overnight guests, reporting a 15.