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OSROversampling Ratio
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OSROriginal Sound Record Co. (record label)
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In order to focus the smeared ISAR image, we apply the DGR with an oversampling ratio Q of 32.
Figure 11 shows the ISAR images of the B-727 resulting from the FT and the DGR with an oversampling ratio of 32.
Discussion on Selection of the Oversampling Ratio Q
Thus, we select the oversampling ratio Q as 64 rather than 128 for which the computation time was 4.
In the first example and third example, however, the optimal oversampling ratio was 32.
For random uncorrelated white noise, the oversampling ratio = [2.
For signals of very wide bandwidth, such as in WLAN receiver, oversampling ratio cannot be very high (4 or 5) because the achievable clock frequency is constrained by the process technology.
For low-data rate applications, such as GSM receiver, where bandwidth is relatively smaller, oversampling ratio (M) can be made higher, which will increase the circuit complexity and power consumption.
However, if you are interested in the exact timing relationships among several bus signals, then higher oversampling ratios improve resolution.
Using an oversampling ratio that is not a power of two has an unpleasant side effect: It takes a long time to resample the periodic white noise waveform.
type filters with selectable oversampling ratios of up to 256.
The second reason for higher oversampling ratios is that a digital filter produces an image of itself around the sampling frequency.