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OTEOn the Edge
OTEOff Topic Experiment
OTEOperating to Endanger (motor vehicle law; Massachusetts)
OTEOver the Edge (game/movie)
OTEOpportunity to Earn
OTEOn-Target Earnings
OTEOff Tackle Empire (football blog)
OTEOrdinary Time Earnings
OTEOpen Transaction Environment (IBM mainframes CICS)
OTEHellenic Telecommunications Organisation (Greece)
OTEOxygen Transfer Efficiency (water and wastewater treatment)
OTEOptical Telescope Element
OTEOptical Terminal Enclosure (various companies)
OTEOberon Theatre Ensemble (New York)
OTEOpen Translation Engine
OTEOffice of Training and Education
OTEOne Time Exception
OTEOrganization for Timeshare in Europe
OTEOffice of Technology Evaluation
OTEOver Track Exhaust (transportation ventilation system)
OTEOvertaken by Events
OTEOperational Test & Evaluation
OTEOnward to Excellence (school improvement process/program)
OTEOmron Taiwan Electronics, Inc.
OTEOpen Trade Equity
OTEOrbital Tissue Expander (ophthalmology)
OTEOptically Transparent Electrode
OTEOceanTech Expo
OTEOptions Through Education (Boston College)
OTEOffice of Transportation Economics (California)
OTEOperational Test Environment
OTEOff Track Excursion (auto racing)
OTEObserving Time Estimator
OTEOperator Training Equipment
OTEOvertime Equalization
OTEOman Trading Establishment LLC
OTEOrganismos Tilepikinonion Ellados AE (Greek: Hellenic Telecommunications Organization)
OTEOperator Training and Evaluation
OTEOffice des Tunisiens al'Etranger
OTEOnset of Thermal Excursion
OTEOttoman-Turk Empire
OTEOwn-Ship Trajectory Estimator
OTEOne Task Extension
OTEOwner's Trust Equity (financial modelling)
OTEOutput Energized (PLC programming)
OTEOverall Total Earnings
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I hereby challenge the appointing authorities, the African Union (AU) and IGAD to act accordingly because his legitimacy has been overtaken by events.
Unfortunately he is completely overtaken by events in a national leftwing paper - the Guardian.
It asserts that "such information are false and aim to promote the names most of whom are overtaken by events and have no vision or project."
They're invariably overtaken by events, good or bad.
What may seem hilarious and far fetched can fall flat when the joke is overtaken by events.
Already, some of its key observations have been overtaken by events, such as Nigeria's landmark presidential election result.
"We do know that Russia as well as the United States said a few days ago that they would get behind the deal that had been made, that deal has now been overtaken by events."
Westhorpe was bought to be ridden in a bumper by owner Madeline McMahon's grandson Aubrey, son of bookmaker Luke McMahon, but that may be overtaken by events.
But by the time they are finalised and released, the country's financial management has been overtaken by events of the new financial year.
The court was told in mitigation that at the time Charles intended to repay the money but was overtaken by events and could not do so.
The bulk of the book is concerned with this and the arguments are mostly still relevant, notwithstanding that the discussion in places has been overtaken by events.
There is growing concern the euro zone's long crisis has now been overtaken by events and will need the IMF's help to instill market confidence.