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OVTROhio Valley Trail Riders
OVTROperational Video Tape Recorder
OVTROxygen Vapor Transmission Rate
OVTROverture (stock symbol)
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Not only can you adjust it to eliminate overtravel, you can adjust it to eliminate take-up as well.
Take-up and overtravel are acceptable but the actual sear break is long, creepy, and with detectable "steps.
Either pullback or screw drift can open the DNRV if the distance of travel is greater than the overtravel distance of the piston that closes off the melt-outlet channel.
In the |Z| Probe, the springs move independently of one another along the wafer ensuring perfect contact and requiring less overtravel.
The trigger is adjustable for sear engagement and overtravel by two set screws.
5 to 3 pounds, and it's crisp with minimum overtravel and a positive reset.
Though the trigger measures 6 pounds, it is smooth with minor creep and no overtravel.
Its level of precision is famous, with adjustment for pull and overtravel.
The Surgeon action is smooth and up to the task for the big cartridge, and the 2-stage trigger was reasonably light with no creep and very slight overtravel.
The trigger broke cleanly at 3 pounds, 11 ounces with no creep and minimal overtravel.
The 2000 has no external hammer at all, instead operating with an internal striker and a roller-bearing-mounted trigger for smooth, straight pull with no overtravel.
It is an excellent single-stage trigger with no takeup and no overtravel and made shooting up to the rifle's potential much easier.