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OVVOnderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid (Dutch: Research Council for Safety; Netherlands)
OVVOverlegcentrum van Vlaamse Verenigingen (Dutch: Flemish Associations Discussion Center; Belgium)
OVVOptically Violent Variable (quasar)
OVVOnder Vermelding Van
OVVOhio Valley Voices (Cincinnati, OH; deaf children's speech education)
OVVOral Verruca Vulgaris (human papilloma virus)
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Keko-Varicon is a manufacturer of overvoltage protective and EMI suppression components.
The goal of the work is establishment of the conditions for the appearance and development of internal overvoltage that arises in main electrical networks on the higher harmonic components, as well as the choice of measures for their prevention.
The principle of the presented balancing method involves measuring the overvoltage caused by different turn ON and turn OFF times of serially connected IGBTs.
APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated Critical Power and Cooling Services draws attention to the damage potentially caused by overvoltage during summer conditions.
There are three overvoltage alert LEDs that indicate a slight overvolt when the green one burns, a moderate overvolt when the yellow one burns and a high overvolt when the red one burns.
Maximum transient overvoltage on healthy phases occur if the earth fault happens at the instantaneous voltage maximum in faulty phase.
Telecommunications systems are particularly vulnerable to lightning-induced surges and two levels of protection are normally required: a primary suppressor on each line to absorb the major part of the overvoltage transient and secondary protection devices mounted on individual PCBs to eliminate the residual overvoltage spikes.
The integrated electronics sense a change in input power associated with overvoltage, undervoltage, locked rotor, dry, jammed, or blocked pump or a body suction entrapment and shuts down the motor, preventing system damage.
Devices in the MLV 2322 573 (0603 case size) and 2322 574 (0805 case size) series are ideal for protecting sensitive components from incoming overvoltage transients.
However, at a running speed of 55 Hz or greater, the DC bus varied enough to cause an "overvoltage" fault in the adjustable frequency drive.
The higher overvoltage ratio (electron accelerating voltage divided by x-ray excitation energy) is a favorable factor as far as intensity is concerned but is counteracted by lower fluorescence yield.
In rare cases, overvoltage can cause excessive holding force and overheating.