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OFPOffice Football Pool
OFPOperation Flashpoint (computer game)
OFPOrder for Protection
OFPOregon Flora Project
OFPOffice of Field Programs (US EEOC)
OFPOffice of Family Planning
OFPOffice of Farmland Preservation (Washington)
OFPOcean Front Property
OFPOverall Future Potential (sports)
OFPOpen Frame Panel (computer products)
OFPOptimal Fetal Positioning (birthing theory)
OFPHanover County Municipal Airport (airport code, Ashland, VA)
OFPOpen Fire Place (Australia real estate)
OFPOrder Flow Provider (various locations)
OFPOrganizacion Feminina Popular (Spanish: Popular Women's Organization; Columbia)
OFPOrder Fulfillment Process (various companies)
OFPOccluded Frontal Passage
OFPOperating Force Plan (US Navy)
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OFPOverwhelming Firepower
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OFPOriginal Flight Plan
OFPOrder of Friars Preachers (Dominican religious order)
OFPOutward Flow in Perforators
OFPOwn Flipping Program (polite form)
OFPOperations Funded Project
OFPOpportunities for Posterity (Bangladesh)
OFPOmega Film Productions
OFPOpen Firm Protocol
OFPOut for Paper
OFPOrbital Flight Program
OFPOrozco-Foster-Piolet (band)
OFPOffice of the First Presidency (LDS Church)
OFPOrdovicium Freedoom Pröjekt (Hungarian band)
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A combination of overwhelming firepower, immediately followed by infantry assaults, would overrun defensive positions quickly.
This is an important aspect of the ground combat vehicle effort where we can deploy nine skilled, tough, courageous Infantrymen into a position of advantage with overwhelming firepower support.
In high-intensity conflicts, the bomber force offers the overwhelming firepower necessary to establish air superiority without delay.
The army's assault on Salaheddine echoed its tactics in Damascus earlier this month when it used its overwhelming firepower to mop up rebel fighters district by district.
That experience reinforced for me the need for this unique vertical take-off and landing capability in the future, because it gives us the ability to take the fight to the enemy on short notice and with overwhelming firepower.
A flood of military reinforcements has been a prelude to previous offensives by the authoritarian regime, which has tried to use its overwhelming firepower to crush an opposition that has been bolstered by defecting soldiers and hardened by months of street battles.
The predictable Allied response to superior innovation was overwhelming firepower, as seen in the British air raids on the German rocket facilities at Peenemunde and the repeated cratering of airfields and launch facilities to prevent wonder weapons from ever getting off the ground.
He's been ably backed up by John Roulston with nine as the team's overwhelming firepower has seen them blow most teams aside.
The idealism of the Chartists and their undeniable courage in the face of overwhelming firepower now has a power to inspire campaigners who are faced with overwhelming odds.
Whatever we might think about the Libyan regime, the overwhelming firepower of NATO forces will inevitably cause civilian casualties there.
After the government included overwhelming firepower in a counter-offensive that lasted all weekend, the city fell to Gaddafi's forces last night.
Overwhelming firepower is what wins upon contact, and the U.