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8) Moreover, what attracted Pushkin to this Ovid was the fact that the latter essentially created a new genre--the exilic elegy--without a literary model to speak of, save his own earlier poetry.
Ziolkowski recommends Ovid Web sites and exiled philologists.
Ovid knocks out stop words and runs the search terms past its lexicon of synonyms to transform your words into terms more likely to retrieve relevant results.
Source: Ovid Technologies, New York, (646) 674-6300; http://www.
What he offers in the Pucelle is basically the same story as Ovid (one of two women becomes a man), under a new aspect.
Ovid then moved on to more serious works with his Metamorphoses and Fasti (Festival Calendar).
Ovid was neither decadent nor personally corrupt; he did not drink immoderately or behave extravagantly.
The similar Tristia passage comes in Book 4, as Ovid laments the loss of his homeland:
4) Thus Tibullus calls the elegiac poet a sacer vates and presents himself, overtly and covertly, as both, a view that Ovid ostensibly supports in Amores 3 9.
Field codes and interpretation of user input differ between Ovid and PubMed.
Skirting the thorny debates about the generic definition of the Metamorphoses, Mayor scrutinizes how a new literary context assimilates the world of subjective elegy/ He observes the possible transformation undergone by elegiac forms once Ovid incorporates them into a poem whose central theme is precisely change.
Among the telling anecdotes about the place of Ovid in the imaginations of Renaissance artists is a story about Andrea Mantegna told by the poet Antonio Tebaldeo.