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OVISOhio Valley Internet Service Inc. (Moundsville, WV)
OVISOnline Vehicle Information Service (Kentucky)
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Mr Justice Mackay said Cole had lived a reclusive life, barricading himself in his room until he was compulsorily admitted to the mental hospital where he met Miss Ovis.
A case in South Africa of ocular myiasis in man due to the first-stage larvae of the nasal bot fly of the sheep (Oestrus ovis L.
ovis larvae grow in the mucus of the nasal sinus until mature; they are then released from the nostrils when the infected host sneezes (8).
William Crompton, 18, and Fiona Ovis, 28, were killed in Llandrindod Wells in May 1996.
Ovis remains stuck with this role throughout the Old Testament.
Ophthalmomyiasis caused by the sheep bot fly Oestrus ovis in northern Iraq.
2]ouios) 'sheep (Ovis aries)': OIr oi , Lat ovis, ON oer, OEng eowu, OHG ou ~ ouwi 'sheep', Lith avis, Lett avis, PS1 *ov1ca (e.
FRENZIED ATTACK: Andrew Cole; DEVASTATED: William's mum Wendy; MURDERED: Fiona Ovis and partner William Crompton
After introductory chapters on Ovis aries (domesticated sheep) production and welfare from a UK perspective, chapters on specific diseases of the various bodily systems review the cause, clinical signs, pathology, diagnosis, epidemiology, and control and treatment.
Resistance of the sheep scab mite Psoroptes ovis to propetamphos.
The court then heard how he stabbed 28-year-old Fiona Ovis 52 times when he burst into a bedroom at her grandparents' Llandrindod Wells bungalow in May 1996.
abortus biovars (6,7); (b) a 15-kb deletion comprising omp25b and wboAwboB genes in the Brucella ovis species (6,7); (c) a wboA gene disruption by an IS711 element in the B.