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OPROffice of Primary Responsibility
OPROpen Peer Review
OPROffice of Professional Responsibility
OPROverall Pressure Ratio
OPROffice of Professional Regulation (various locations)
OPROffice of Planning and Research
OPROut Pulse Rule
OPROffice Password Recovery
OPROfficial Pattern Release
OPROnshore Pipeline Regulations (Canada)
OPROffice of Population Research (Princeton University)
OPROld Port Rum
OPROffre Publique de Retrait
OPROffice of Parental Representation (various locations)
OPROfficer Performance Report
OPROwner's Project Requirements (building design)
OPROffice of Parks and Recreation (Oakland, CA)
OPROpen Pattern Repository (software pattern project)
OPROutside Pack Referee (Women's Flat Track Roller Derby)
OPROffice of Public Relations (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
OPROn Premise Reserve (aviation)
OPROther People's Resources
OPROffice of Principal Responsibility
OPROwner Program Requirements
OPROnline Public Relations
OPROperation Patriot Readiness
OPROperator Performance Rate
OPROld Parochial Register (genealogy; UK)
OPROfficial Poker Rankings (website)
OPROld Prussian (linguistics)
OPROptical Pattern Recognition
OPROrganización de Protección Reconocida
OPROrganization of the People of Rodrigues (Mauritius)
OPROptical Power Received
OPROld Plank Road (Irish acoustic band)
OPROracle Parallel Server (HP)
OPROffice of Prime Responsibility
OPROverseas Publishers Representatives (New York, NY)
OPROperating Pressure Ratio (jet engine compression ratio)
OPROrganization of Primary Responsibility
OPROngoing Precision Recovery
OPROperational Project Requirements
OPROffice of Public Record
OPROffsite Procurement Request
OPROrganizational Process Record
OPROptimal Page Replacement
OPROutside Plant Repeater (Hekimian)
OPROne Price Repair (various companies)
OPROrthogonal Projection Routine
OPROrganizational Profitability Reporting
OPROhio Pig Roast (catering; Columbus, OH)
OPROutage Probability Region
OPROfficer with Primary Responsibility
OPROriginal Purchase Receipt
OPROld People Rock
OPROperability Recommendation (various organizations)
OPROverall Project Review
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Architect/Engineer/Designer Acknowledgement I hereby acknowledge the Basis of Design (BOD) ocument has been completed and meets the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR).
The 2009 ASHRAE Handbook example on ASHRAE building with details (ASHRAE 2009) and the reference drawings attached to the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) report (ASHRAE 2007) available at ASHRAE's website (ashrae.org) was used to obtain construction specifications.
The process includes specific tasks to verify that design, construction, verification, testing, documentation, and training meet the owner's project requirements. It begins at project inception and continues for the life of the facilitv.
The process focuses upon verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the owner's project requirements."
The commissioning authority receives performance testing criteria to ensure the delivered system satisfies the owner's project requirements. And the owner and its personnel receive an explanation of how the control system works, making it more likely that the system will be properly maintained and accepted by users.
After the construction is complete, each new branch will undergo commissioning, the systematic process of ensuring that a structure meets the owner's project requirements and the engineering and architectural firms' design.
In order to write an effective performance specification, the engineer must understand the availability of applicable products and technologies, the many alternatives available and the flexibility or limitations for meeting the owner's project requirements. For instance, when rehabilitating a sewer pipe with a liner system, some criteria in a performance specification might include the detailed size, condition and problems with the existing piping system.
Total building commissioning exemplifies the due diligence by performing the site observations, functional performance tests, and documentation to measure and verify that the outstanding design and professional installation of this project scope was provided to meet the Basis of Design (BOD) and the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR).
The Design Intent or Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design documents help the commissioning authority to properly review a set of plans and understand what is being built and why and how the space is going to be utilized.
"In a new building, we can expect to find a list of criteria we call the 'owner's project requirements,' or the owner's expectations of system performance in the building.
In the commissioning process, the basis of design is "a document that records the concepts, calculations, decisions, and product selections used to meet the owner's project requirements." (1) The author believes every designer has the professional responsibility to create a succinct narrative description of the basis of design for each design, whether or not it includes commissioning.