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OxISOxford Internet Survey (UK)
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The Aerotec investment paves the way for OXIS Energy to open a subsidiary in Brazil.
As part of the agreement, Oxis will pay for the university to conduct a study that will determine the optimal dose for OXS-3550.
OXIS Energy presently targets the electric vehicle, defense and solar storage markets, having already developed prototypes boasting technological advantages such as light weight, high gravimetric energy density, and better safety, said Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Avimanyu Basu.
With this deal, Oxis International seeks to ensure a successful launch for its new product line with the help of a prestigious agency that has a significant experience in implementing direct-to-consumer campaigns, chairman and CEO, David Saloff, said.
the big French-owned pharmaceutical company, with bovine superoxide dismutase (bSOD), an enzyme produced in a proprietary process patented by Oxis, for use in a drug Sanoff is developing called Dismutec.
Touro College of Pharmacy, New York and President of Oxis Advisory Board, says, "The uniqueness of ergothioneine in the human body may not only reside in its ability to protect organs against age-dependent degeneration due to chronic inflammation, but also increase the body's availability of glutathione, (the first line antioxidant defense in vivo,) while conserving Vitamin E, which is a critical process in detoxification.
The new ADC product candidates will be utilised by Oxis Biotech to treat triple-negative breast cancer, and multiple myeloma and associated osteolytic lesions, which are significant unmet medical needs.
Tony Cataldo, Chairman and CEO of Oxis, commented, "Oxis continues to add experienced executives to its world-class management team and we are excited to have a recognized nutritional industry leader, Bernie Landes, join us as we grow the Company.
OXIS Energy Ltd, a company that has been involved in the design, development and now the move towards commercial production of Polymer Lithium Sulphur cells for battery systems, has set up an International Lithium Sulfur battery system Test Centre in Abingdon in England.
OXIS International Inc (OTCBB:OXIS) (Paris:OXI) on Tuesday announced its joint venture with engage:BDR, a leading full-service digital advertising and marketing agency.
This is another critical step as we continue to evolve to a listing on a major exchange such as NASDAQ and reflects the progress that OXIS has made over the last several months.
Since 2004, OXIS Energy has been involved in the design, development, and now the move towards commercial production of polymer lithium sulfur cells for battery systems.