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OXONOxfordshire (British Postal Abbreviation)
OXONOxoniensis (of Oxford)
OXONslang for University of Oxford or its alumni
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If not, the neural arch should present an anterior position, a synapomorphy of Titanosauriformes (e.g., Upchurch et al., 2004) and convergent with Cetiosaurus oxoniensis (Upchurch and Martin, 2003).
Catalogus librorum tam antiquorum quam recentium in omni facultate insignium, quorum auctio (in gratiam & commodum celeberrimae academiae Oxoniensis) Oxoniae habenda est Novemb.
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Like any autobiography Wood's is a partial, polished and retrospective account of its author's experiences, written towards the very end of his life and after the works which made his reputation, the Historia et Antiquitates Universitatis Oxoniensis (1674) and Athenae Oxonienses and Fasti (1691-2), were published.
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