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OMZOxygen Minimum Zone (ocean seawater zone)
OMZOssa-Morena Zone (geography; Portugal)
OMZObedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody (Russian Engineering Company, formerly United Heavy Machinery)
OMZOh My Zeus (exclamation)
OMZOh My Zelf
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"Although the animals in the ocean's oxygen minimum zone have adapted over millions of years to the very low oxygen of this extreme and widespread midwater habitat, they are living at the very limits of their physiological capability," said Karen Wishner, a professor of oceanography at URI's Graduate School of Oceanography and lead author of a new paper on deoxygenation and zooplankton in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific OMZ.
This region encompasses the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.
Microbial community phylogenetic and trait diversity decline steeply with depth in a marine oxygen minimum zone. Ecology, 93: 1659-1673.
The new research published in Geophysical Research Letters has uncovered a dramatic increase in the size of the Sea of Oman's dead zone or oxygen minimum zone (OMZ), an observation that heralds bad news for the region's aquatic life - and possibly our atmosphere, stated the report.
In addition to these, nod transcripts in marine oxygen minimum zone water bodies were also reported [13].
Herein, we briefly present observations and results obtained in the oxygen minimum zone off Concepcion (~36[degrees]30'S).
Biogeochemical models have been used in previous studies in Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem (HCLME) in order to understand the climatological processes affecting the Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) (Montes et al.
Pakistan's reserves Makran continental margin, an area of high biological productivity in the surface water influenced by monsoonal upwelling, is one of the causes behind formation of oxygen minimum zone causing high accumulation of predominantly marine organic matter in marine sediments.
The results showed that the sheer number of organisms that seek refuge in the aptly named 'oxygen minimum zone' roughly 200- to 650-metres below the surface each day results in the global consumption of between ten and 40 per cent of the oxygen available at these depths.
The rates of accumulation of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus ([], [] , []), and of biogenic silica (BSi) were measured in sediment cores (GC31 and PC08) collected within the oxygen minimum zone of the Magdalena margin, off western Baja California Sur (Mexico; Sanchez and Carriquiry, 2007a,b).
The ETA oxygen minimum zone encompasses nearly all Atlantic equatorial waters.