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OMZOxygen Minimum Zone (ocean seawater zone)
OMZOssa-Morena Zone (geography; Portugal)
OMZObedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody (Russian Engineering Company, formerly United Heavy Machinery)
OMZOh My Zeus (exclamation)
OMZOh My Zelf
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Herein, we briefly present observations and results obtained in the oxygen minimum zone off Concepcion (~36[degrees]30'S).
Pakistan's reserves Makran continental margin, an area of high biological productivity in the surface water influenced by monsoonal upwelling, is one of the causes behind formation of oxygen minimum zone causing high accumulation of predominantly marine organic matter in marine sediments.
org]), and of biogenic silica (BSi) were measured in sediment cores (GC31 and PC08) collected within the oxygen minimum zone of the Magdalena margin, off western Baja California Sur (Mexico; Sanchez and Carriquiry, 2007a,b).
Billifish in the ETA are generally restricted to near surface waters (25-50m) due to the presence of a shallow thermocline and oxygen minimum zone (OMZ)--or area of low dissolved oxygen--directly beneath it.
However, this vertical movement of zooplankton is affected, among other factors, by displacement of the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ, <0.
The processes we are investigating in these stratified groundwater systems are analogous to what is happening in the global ocean, especially in oxygen minimum zones where deoxygenation is a growing concern, says John Pohlman, a coauthor of the study and a USGS biogeochemist whose work from the early 90s motivated the research.
There has been a huge amount of concern that these oxygen minimum zones were growing extremely rapidly," he says.
As global climate continues to precipitate shifts in marine environmental conditions, including the expansion of oxygen minimum zones and the generation of significant methane pools, methanotrophic communities may be expected to shift.
Washington, July 2 (ANI): Zooplanktons - tiny marine animals - use the oxygen minimum zones as refuges from predators, migrating vertically down into the zone during the day and returning at night to feed in the oxygen and food-rich areas closer to the surface.
There's a question, as circulation and oxygen change in the ocean: Are these oxygen minimum zones going to shoal and become more shallow&nbsp;and decrease the habitat for those fish near the surface?