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OTROver The Road (truckers)
OTROffice of Tax and Revenue
OTROld Time Radio
OTROn the Record
OTROver the River
OTROffice of Trade Relations (US Customs and Border Protection)
OTROver-The-Rhine (Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood)
OTROriginal Theatrical Release (movies)
OTROn The Road
OTROff the Record
OTROff-The-Road (vehicles/tires)
OTROn the Run
OTROptical Transponder (Nortel Networks Corporation)
OTROnline TV Recorder (software)
OTROver The Rainbow
OTROccupational Therapist, Registered
OTROn the Rocks
OTROne Touch Recording
OTROutput Routine
OTROperational Test Requirement
OTROptical Transceiver
OTROperational Trouble Report
OTROzone Transport Region (EPA)
OTROxygen Transmission Rate
OTROptical Transition Radiation
OTROne Touch Recording (VCRs)
OTROxytocin Receptor
OTROlympic Torch Relay
OTROver-The-Range (microwave oven)
OTROff the Rack
OTROperating Temperature Range
OTROn The Rag
OTROld Timers Reunion
OTROfficial Transcript of Records
OTROakland Terminal Railway
OTRObecná Teorie Relativity (Czech: general theory of relativity)
OTROverhead Transfer Rate
OTROptical Tracking
OTROceanic Transition Route
OTROther Than Rock
OTROperational Turn Round
OTROrder to Receipt
OTROriginale Trasmissione del Ritmo (band)
OTROpportunity To Recall
OTROperational Test Readiness
OTROutyear Threat Report
OTROfficer Technical Refresh
OTROperability Test Report
OTROut-Of-Tolerance Report
OTROverall Tuning Range
OTRCoto 47 Airstrip, Costa Rica (Airport code)
OTROne Time Requisition
OTROrganization of the Top Rappers
OTROrder to Requisition
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Consistent with behavior observed in conventional polymers, increase in temperature caused an increase in oxygen transmission rate.
With lettuce, for example, if the oxygen transmission rate of the package film is too high, it will cause the product to brown.
We know the amount that different products respire when they are cut into different sizes, so the trick is to try to match the respiration rate of the produce to the oxygen transmission rate of the film," says Kunduru.
The oxygen transmission rate (OTR) measurements are made on both coated mad uncoated substrates.
Bags include the front push Mustang tap that has the lowest Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) in the market
The Origine is available with an oxygen transmission rate similar to the Diam 10 and 30 closures, and in the near future it will be extended as an option across Diam's entire portfolio of closures.
Gas analysis showed that fruit stored in film with a higher oxygen transmission rate produced a higher level of carbon dioxide, which rose with storage time.
The OX-TRAN Model 1/50 is an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) analyzer designed for simple, out-of-the box installation.
The LYSSY OPT-5000 oxygen transmission rate and Lyssy L80-5000 water vapor transmission rate permeability testers offer automated temperature control and single- or dual-side relative humidity control and easily accommodates a broad range of laboratory and production applications.
Similarly, the oxygen transmission rate for hotfill PP bottles is 95% less for than uncoated PP.
USDA-ARS scientists wanted to develop a MAP system for fresh-cut cilantro, and determine the effect of the package film oxygen transmission rate (OTR) on product quality and microbial growth.
The oxygen transmission rate was determined at 23[degrees]C and 0% RH, using a Mocon Ox-Tran Twin apparatus, according to ASTM D 3985-95.