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ZO2Oxygen utilization
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In addition, oxygen utilization in that area was significantly higher in supplemented people, a clear demonstration that PQQ was boosting energy extraction to fuel the improved cognitive performance.
showed a positive association of skeletal muscle mass with ventilatory threshold and peak oxygen utilization in Japanese men and women.
* Instruction of patients in use of appropriate breathing exercises to optimize supplemental oxygen utilization and decrease breathlessness
At altitude, increased levels of red blood cell 2,3-DPG promote oxygen unloading at the muscle tissue level and, theoretically, an increase in oxygen utilization. However, because [O.sub.2] extraction is already highly efficient, the advantage 2,3-DPG affords in dissociation may be negligible.
Herscovitch, "Brain oxygen utilization measured with O-15 radiotracers and positron emission tomography," Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol.
During active fermentation, yeast consumption is the dominant form of oxygen utilization. Under elevage conditions, non-enzymatic oxidation becomes more prevalent in the wine.
Oxygen sensors can assess pack containment and oxygen utilization by yeasts and molds within packaging systems.
Loss of weight during weight reduction program in obese, increased their V[O.sub.2]max due to withdrawal of fat induced inhibitory action towards oxygen utilization by body musculature.
Adverse effects include decreases in blood flow to other body organs including the brain, decreased oxygen utilization and lactate clearance in body tissues, increased myocardial oxygen demand, and stimulation of cardiac dysrhythmias.
Using the polarographic micro oxygen electrode (SPET), the development of oxygen utilization by lesions was followed.
Biologically it can be used to measure the effect of daily circadian rhythms on performance and training efficiency, since both heart rate and oxygen utilization are determined within the context of time.