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Dr Michael Berenbrink, an evolutionary physiologist at the University of Liverpool, said: "During their time in oxygen-free water in ice-covered ponds, which can last for several months in their northern European habitat, blood alcohol concentrations in crucian carp can reach more than 50 mg per 100 millilitres, which is above the drink drive limit in these countries.
8220;Customers didn't just need high flow, but also faster color recovery when irradiated in oxygen-free packaging.
Scientists were surprised to discover anammox bacteria in the 1990s because this conversion was thought to require oxygen, yet the bacteria carry it out in oxygen-free places.
The pump thus creates an oxygen-free environment inside the container, and a vacuum indicator indicates when the seal is complete.
Each Petri plate of culture media is packaged in a foil pouch that has been flushed with oxygen-free gas.
Jeon et al recycled acrylic artificial stone by thermally decomposing the polymeric methacrylic binder in an oxygen-free atmosphere to generate a reactive gas, which is converted to usable monomer.
Oxygen-free copper rods which we ourselves produce will be a key input for the speciality cables to be produced by the joint venture.
When purging stainless steel or other reactive metals, a well purged oxygen-free environment is crucial to ensure a clean, strong weld that is free of oxidation and has a uniform and smooth internal weld profile.
If oxygen-free bottoms in the Baltic are oxygenated, it can be anticipated that every square kilometre of bottom surface will be able to bind three tonnes of phosphorus in a short time, which is a purely geochemical effect" said Anders Stigebrandt of the University of Gothenburg, who led the research.
These widespread sulphide conditions close to the continents, coupled with deeper waters that remained oxygen-free and iron-rich, would have placed major restrictions on both the timing and pace of biological evolution.
ITALIAN researchers have found the first animals able to live in an oxygen-free environment.
Using a process known as anaerobic digestion, which breaks down organic matter in an oxygen-free environment, Vandermeer will capture the methane gas that is produced by the decomposition of the grape pomace and use it to generate electricity.
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