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OYAOregon Youth Authority
OYAOffice of Youth Affairs (Australia)
OYAOrland Youth Association (Orland Park, IL)
OYAOxford Yacht Agency (Maryland)
OYAOver Year Ago
OYAOrthodox Youth Association (religious association)
OYAOffice for Young Adults (Boston, MA)
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The inherent difficulty of the task can be seen in the fact that both magazines held their launch parties at Oya.
Garden-loc Oya one dog see-pst '[F OYA] saw a dog in the garden.
Inose and Oya made the remarks following press reports that a bill being prepared by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport would allow the government to have a majority stake in the privatized entities.
Bajo su mandato se espera un 2003 muy malo, con mucha muerte, destruccion, guerra, mas dificil que en el 2002 y todo por la presencia de Oya, que apresura la llegada de sus victimas a la morada eterna.
How did the TRACS sample fare during the 12-month period after leaving OYA and returning to the community?
When Kobayashi's body was found last Thursday, a memo allegedly written by Oya implicating himself in the murder was found in the couple's apartment house, the police said.
The importance of the partnerships became evident when OYA sought state funding for full development and implementation of JJIS.
English mother Spanish madre Latvian mate Portuguese madre Swahili mama Farsi madar French mere Russian mat Japanese oya
It is a particularly interesting experience to read Norm Uphoff's book on Gal Oya while visiting Sri Lanka.
Prior to joining OYA, O'Leary served as general counsel and senior policy advisor to Governor Ted Kulongoski and was counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Oregon Legislature.
Minami Oya, a native of Hyogo, Japan, said she decided to sit in at Oue's class for two years when she got involved with a Japanese nongovernment organization (NGO) that had activities in the Philippines.