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OYAOregon Youth Authority
OYAOffice of Youth Affairs (Australia)
OYAOrland Youth Association (Orland Park, IL)
OYAOxford Yacht Agency (Maryland)
OYAOver Year Ago
OYAOrthodox Youth Association (religious association)
OYAOffice for Young Adults (Boston, MA)
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OYA and OMS have developed and adopted perhaps the first English Plus Policy for a juvenile correctional agency in the nation, which values and supports language diversity and seeks to provide language-specific and appropriate services to OYA youths and their families.
Kjaerlighet for oya synker offers a fine portrait of several individual characters and of an isolated island as an integral character.
Bombina Oya, Jonathan's aunt who has 11 children, said she learned lessons from the death of her nephew.
Minister for information and communication Alfred Drick Oya said that the opening will be officially launched by South Sudan's president Salva Kiir on 15 June, with performances from various states to perform traditional dances.
Momukunda gumwe gwomoshitopolwa sha Eastern Cape, ayihe mbika oya tameka okulunduluka.
They include: Ashburnham Estate, Gal Oya Lodge, The Planters House, Bougainvillea Retreat,x_gmail-m_-5395187020063080196gmail-m_-4343924568274910245gmail-m_-8801723927854037544x_gmail-spellingerrorRukgalax_gmail-m_-5395187020063080196gmail-m_-4343924568274910245gmail-m_-8801723927854037544x_gmail-normaltextrunRetreat
In 2013, Oya and her collaborators used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile to observe the star in submillimeter wavelengths, as that kind of light can penetrate the dust cloud -- for reference, red light is around 700 nanometers.
Oya, 52, was charged in August of last year with violating the Animal Protection Law.
Palopota yoNampa yomudo 2013, oiningwanima younona hava kupulwa shi ofimbo inava dalwa oya li momwaalu wo 40 komwedi.
One can see a portrait of the danger of stunting in Jonathan Oya, as reported in this paper early this year.
Water levels of Kelani Ganga, Ging Ganga, Nilwala Ganga, Kirindi Oya, Kumbukan Oya, Hada Oya, Mahaweli Ganga, Yan Oya, Malwathu Oya and Maha Oya have receded to a considerable extent.
Near the end of our conversation the muezzin starts up on the Turkish side, calling out his stock incantations and threatening to drown out Oya's voice.