OZZOuarzazate, Morocco - Ouarzazate (Airport Code)
OZZObveznega Zdravstvenega Zavarovanja (Slovenian: Compulsory Health Insurance)
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Blizzard of Ozz was started in 2007 and has played all the major venues in the DFW area such as House of Blues, Gas Monkey, Wildflower Festival, as well as, many other local rock/metal venues.
The same perspective is adopted in "In the world of the pensioners with Ozz Nujen", where the encounter between young and old has a norm-breaking twist because the young person is physically less able than the older persons.
BILTON Pantomummers give a modern twist to a traditional story as they present Dotty In Ozz. Little girl Dotty is transported to a land called Ozz with her older and somewhat dis-functional teenage sister Christine and they meet lots of characters including three singing pigs.
Black Tide have been making waves since being kicked off the Jagermeister stage at OZZ fest 2007 for being too young, only to then be placed on the main stage by Sharon Osbourne to open the festival daily.
than top billing as the 'New Year's Eve capital of the world', for the wizard of Ozz is as ever prepared to rock and roll over from one Anno Domini to
"OZZ Y and SHARON OSBOURNE were watched by millions and bosses think a show on the Beckhams could be just as good." David, 31, and Victoria, 32, were in Being Victoria Beckham and The Re al Beckhams, in the UK.
It's not the first time we've bid goodbye to Ozzy - who was sacked from Black Sabbath in 1978 only to rise from the dead with the Blizzard of Ozz - and it's unlikely to be the last.
His album Blizzard of Ozz is at number 16 and Diary of a Madman is at 33.
Greene hopes Rock the Vote's partnership with high profile summer concert tours like the much-anticipated Ozz Fest and Area 2 festival with headliner Moby will help to reach her goal.
Verne Gay, TV beat reporter for Newsday in Melville, N.Y., reported that Fox News' Greta Van Susteren is taking The Wizzard of Ozz, the king of headbangers, to the White House Correspondents Association dinner May 4.
(PD) home/office [greater than]40 Cassina Meda (MI) home [greater than]70 Castelli Ozz. Dell'Emilia (BO) office [greater than]100 Driade Foss.
To everyone's surprise -- even its own founders-- OZZ instantly became the highest-grossing U.S.