P-BoxPermutation Box
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P-Box has been created by first bending HSA600 into square columns--inside the columns were then filled with concrete to boost strength.
The P-Box reduced the number of welding by folding hot-rolled steel--it only needs one welding in the center.
The new building technology starts with manufacturing long P-Box columns at factories, then attaching anchors to the columns beforehand.
Then, the connected anchors and P-Box columns are transported to the construction site where reinforced girder is horizontally attached to the anchors.
4.1 Intersection graph characterization for p-BOX graphs
We recall that any p-BOX (1) -realization of a graph induces a natural ordering of its vertices by considering their respective representative elements.
Corollary 4 Outerplanar graphs belong to p-BOX (1).
Such an ordering satisfies the four point condition for p-BOX (1).
As both probabilistic model and P-box model exist in the system, the failure probability investigation may involve interval probability analysis.
The main difference in this case is that the upper and lower bounding values are not precisely determined (P-box approach).
P-box is characterized by a mixed case which specifies the bounds of probability for an uncertain quantity with underlying randomness that is not known in detail.
The P-box model for the wave height obtained in Section 4 is in a discrete form.