P-CSCFProxy Call Session Control Function
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Simulates P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, PCRF, HSS, BGCF, MGCF elements in LTE IMS network supporting Cx/Dx, Rx, Gx, Gm, Mw, SGi, Mi, and Mj interfaces
NeoTIP's technology will be folded into Netcentrex IMS developments and in particular the P-CSCF (Proxy Call Session Control Function) component.
Session border controllers - at LTE, 3G, Internet and fixed line access networks, Acme Packet SBCs provide the P-CSCF, E-CSCF, IMS-AGW functions in an IMS network.
The cluster provides investment protection as it supports existing Acme Packet SBCs and can be comprised of a heterogeneous mix of SBC hardware platforms--4250, 4500, 9200--and various access SBC configurations--access SBC with P-CSCF and IMS-AGW, P-CSCF signaling function only or access SBC only.
Serving as a Back-to-Back User Agent (SIP B2BUA), the P-CSCF is responsible for forwarding SIP registration messages from the subscriber's endpoint, the User Element (UE), to the Interrogating-CSCF (I-CSCF) and subsequent call set-up requests and responses to the Serving-CSCF (S-CSCF).
The demonstration at CTIA Wireless 2008 will adhere to release 7 of 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), using the IMS DIAMETER Rx interface between an Acme Packet Net-Net[R] session boder controller (SBC), which acts as a P-CSCF (Proxy-Call Session Control Function), and the Camiant Policy Server, fulfilling the role of the PCRF (Policy Charging Rules Function) for resource reservation and admission control for VoIP and other interactive IP communication sessions.
Plugfest 4 was the first successful IMS call between mobile UE (user equipment) devices and core network elements P-CSCF servers, S-CSCF, and HSS, all from separate vendors.
DCL was represented with its IMS-enabled DC-SBC product, which is a portable software solution for session border control that includes full P-CSCF, IBCF, and BGF/I-BGF IMS functions.
Data Connection's DC-SBC software solution is licensed to a number of network equipment providers to enable session border control and P-CSCF, BGF, IBCF and I-BGF functionality in IMS networks.
NetHawk EAST IMS is a powerful tool for testing IMS nodes such as P-CSCF, S-CSCF, MGCF/IMS-MGW, HSS and AS Service Testing.
Data Connection's DC-SBC software solution, which is licensed to a number of network equipment providers to enable session border control and IMS functionality, operated as a P-CSCF and IBCF for testing of IMS registration and call scenarios, in both interdomain and carrier's carrier network environments.
In very little time our P-CSCF and IBCF solutions were interoperating with multiple IMS vendors which resulted in a demonstration of IP multimedia and mobile services," said Phil McConnell, CEO of DCL's Networking Protocols Division.