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PCPAPeople's Committee against Police Atrocities (India)
PCPAPortland Center for the Performing Arts
PCPAPacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts
PCPAPest Control Products Act
PCPAPennsylvania Community Providers Association
PCPAPoor Clares of Perpetual Adoration (religious order)
PCPAPlanning and Compulsory Purchase Act
PCPAPoway Center for the Performing Arts (California)
PCPAPioneer Center for the Performing Arts
PCPAProtestant Church-owned Publishers Association
PCPAPeace Center for the Performing Arts (Greenville, SC)
PCPAPersonal Construct Psychology Association
PCPAProcess Control Plan Audit (Fiat)
PCPAPressed Ceramic Package Antenna
PCPAParticipatory Community Problem Analysis (Nepal)
PCPAPolk County Property Appraiser (Florida)
PCPAPrecision Control Packaged Air conditioner
PCPAPhillips Center for Performing Arts (Florida)
References in classic literature ?
Obviously they had decided to treat the whole matter as a practical joke and to brave it out, for outside the gates in an open fly were the whole party.
There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.
Sir Dinadan the Humorist was the first to awake, and he soon roused the rest with a practical joke of a suffi- ciently poor quality.
Candy, the doctor, on the sore subject of his profession; and he plays you a practical joke, in return, with a dose of laudanum.
He would have preferred Rabelais' 'Gargantua' to the 'Zadig' of Voltaire: and, upon the whole, practical jokes suited his taste far better than verbal ones.
Still his wit was never frozen, nor his sunshiny temper beclouded; and his innumerable antics and practical jokes, while they quickened the circulation of his own blood, kept his companions in high good-humor.
I tire of the labour of thinking, and, when the table is finished, start practical jokes and set all playing at games, which we carry on with bucolic boisterousness.
Ellmother had supposed she was in earnest, when she was guilty of no more serious offense than playing a practical joke.
He had had his fill long ago of the noisy friendly parties at Highbank, with coasting, ice-boating, sleighing, long tramps in the snow, and a general flavour of mild flirting and milder practical jokes.
He thought his uncle had been playing a practical joke on him.
My father was, in fact, a singularly good-natured man, and I think quietly enjoyed nature's practical joke.
He was ready to serve mankind to the utmost of his power when effort seemed to him of any avail, and at times he sacrificed even his ambition to his convictions; but he had decided that the mass of men were hopelessly foolish, corrupt, and inferior, personal sympathy with them was impossible to him, and his contempt often took the form of sardonic practical jokes, practised sometimes on a whole city.