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P-FUNKParliament/Funkadelic (1970's funk group)
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Red Hot Mama slammed Clinton into Rock mode while a colossal One Nation Under A Groove waved the flag in a stirring clarion call for the P-Funk.
It wasn't an easy move, though, because with [George Clinton's] P-Funk it was about playing as loud as you can, as long as you can.
Tomorrow night it's the turn of ten-piece Dutch P-Funk band OCTAVEPUSSY, who have been together in one incarnation or another for more than 12 years.
I ain't really heard Bam doing that P-Funk Funkadelic shit before.
It's the sound of a hip hop-fixated mad professor drunkenly mixing up a riot of all of the best, glowing ingredients on his shelves: a dash of luminous green psychedelia, a bunch of freshlypicked, puce R&B flowers and a few crystals of pickled P-Funk.
Mid tempo song with a great groove created with a plodding bass, lots of P-Funk style and raunchy lyrics.
P-Funk taunts a paranoid white America checking over its shoulder from "vanilla suburbs" and already beginning to bristle under the lash and shackle of Affirmative Action as it tainted the great Platonic/American tradition of perfect equity to all.
Funk On Ah Roll, lifted from his I'm Back album, comes in no less than six mixes courtesy of The S-Klass, Ruff Driverz, P-Funk, The Rhythm Masters, Bump 'n' Flex and Grant Nelson.
Includes numerous choruses of P-Funk rhythms, as well as old James Brown favorites.
Berklee students and faculty play a major role in the festival with performances from the acclaimed Berklee Global Jazz Institute Ensemble as well as Berklee teachers, students, and recent graduates: Jeff Ramsey, Darcel Wilson, Shea Rose, the Berklee P-Funk Ensemble, and professor Bill Banfield and the Jazz Urbane project.
Clinton, originally from North Carolina, has fronted Funkadelic, Parliament and latterly the P-Funk Circus across a five-decade career.
From Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, to the halls of Motown and George Clinton's P-Funk, from Michael Jackson and Curtis Mayfield, down the line to Bob Marley, the Isley Brothers, Prince, Public Enemy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arrested Development, the Black Eyed Peas, the Roots, OutKast, and on and on, Sly's DNA is traceable to every cell of the musical stratosphere.