P-LCRPlatelet Large Cell Ratio
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The reference values were 4-10 x 1000/[mm.sup.3] for WBC, 40%-70% for neutrophil, 140-440x 1000/[mm.sup.3]f or PLT, 8.5-12.5 FL for the MPV, 10-17 fl for the PDW and 17-45 %for P-LCR Blood culture is a gold standard for the diagnosis of sepsis, but since the positive result of blood culture may be false due to contamination, according to paediatric examination, only neonates have clinical and laboratory symptoms and their blood culture results were positive is considered as a real sepsis.
[15] In the present study, we found significant increased levels of MPV, PDW and P-LCR in neonates with sepsis than healthy neonates, In addition, a lower platelet count was observed in septic neonates, but it is not statistically significant.
The levels of WBC count, PLT count, PDW, MPV, P-LCR, and PCT on the first day of admission demonstrated significant differences among the four clinical types.
Platelet indices including PLT, PDW, MPV, P-LCR, and PCT are standard indicators of platelet function.
Los datos fueron tabulados teniendo en cuenta las siguientes variables: hemoglobina (Hb), ADE, VCM, CHM, conteo de plaquetas, VPM, ADP, P-LCR y plaquetocrito (PCT).
En la figura 2 se observa la correlacion directa entre el P-LCR y el VPM.
Erroneous result of platelet indices like overestimation of MPV, increased value of PDW and increased platelet large cell ratio (P-LCR) occur when red blood cells are misclassified as platelets.
The specific parameters included in the study were PLT count, MPV, PDW, P-LCR and PLT-crit.
Table 3 compares the platelet parameters between mild, moderate, and heavy smokers, which shows that the parameters MPV, PDW, and P-LCR were significantly increased in heavy smokers.The abnormalities of platelet parameters were more significant when the smoking intensity increases.
The MPV, PDW, and P-LCR were significantly increased as the intensity of smoking increases, as shown in Table 3.
Low platelet count, low MPV, low PCT, high PDW and high P-LCR shows considerable sensitivity and specificity for dengue fever and can be used as a predictor of severity of dengue infection.
Mean PDW, MPV and P-LCR in group I was 14.17 [+ or -] 1.47 fL, 10.73 [+ or -] 1.29 fL and 29.01 [+ or -] 4.72% respectively.