P-PODPoly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer (satellite launch)
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Then, the boundary conditions of the P-POD are applied, and another modal analysis is performed.
P-POD [22] is the standard deployment system that carries the cubesat during the launch mission and set it in orbit.
Tina and Craig applied to the charity for help and they have been supplied with a PS1,249 P-Pod, which is mobile and can be transported from room to room, and has transformed Ruby's life.
Mum Tina Turner with daughter Ruby Turner-O'Connor in her new P-Pod chair.
In addition, Athena RideShare missions planned for 2015 and 2016 from Kodiak Launch Complex can accommodate 24 P-PODs or a mix of 3U, 6U and 12U CubeSat containerized payloads, vastly expanding launch opportunities for these very small satellites to sun synchronous orbits.
RTP, for example will show enhancements to its P-POD materials-selection software.
The boy, who is from the Newcastle area, needs a a 'P-Pod chair'to keep him as comfortable as possible.
The P-Pod is similar to a bean bag but has added supports and is made to measure to meet the child's needs.
Lisa sent in the application to our Sunshine Fund for a P-Pod Bean Seat, and an X:Panda 4 seating system with dynamic headrest which total PS4,393.