P-STATICPrecipitation Static
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As we flew along, p-static began to build in the headphones.
I knew snow was worse than rain for generating p-static, but I'd never encountered anything like this.
The p-static in the radios went away, the VORs returned to proper functioning and I re-established contact with the controller.
We began our work on 782 by running through our set-up and pre-op checks on the p-static test set.
When we heard through the p-static, the controller abruptly vectored us east.
Immediately, my pilot separated, as I cleared it on the radio through the p-static, and we worked with the tanker to find a clear altitude for us.
We repeatedly lost sight, battled the loud radio p-static, and searched for clear air to finally join on various tankers.
Following these tests, AIR 4.9.7 was granted approval to conduct field evaluations of the gasket material on the EA-6B, which is prone to P-static gripes, and the H-60s.
AIR 4.9.7 engineers were confident that the conductive gaskets would significantly reduce P-static issues.