P.L.Public Law
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New Jersey: The Division of Revenue indicated that mere delivery in company-owned trucks was a protected activity under P.
Interestingly, the Foreign Operation, Export Financing and Related Program Appropriations Act, 2001, P.
Rick Nelson, an inside sales manager who has been working with P.
The most important federal mandate which recognizes the importance of technology and technology-related assistance to children with disabilities is P.
The parties stipulated that these activities met P.
Although none of the companies that made the sales engaged in any activities that exceeded P.
This alone creates the burden on interstate commerce that P.
Department of Taxation and Finance ruled (5) that P.
Therefore, like nearly all state and local tax issues, facts and circumstances will dictate nexus under P.
Pursuant to its power under the Commerce Clause to regulate interstate commerce, Congress enacted P.
In 1997, Michigan courts issued four opinions that clearly struck down P.
505 US 214 (1992), provided the first significant insight into how the Court interpreted the protections afforded by P.