P03Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma 03
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The 2 subjects (P02, P03) who strongly preferred the NU-FlexSIV Socket were the only ones who wore the medi liner with Polytol socket (Table 2).
Tres questoes emergem, quando comparado os participantes da categoria versatil (P08, P11, P15)--Figura 3--com os seis participantes mais racionais (P03, P06, P09, P08, P13, P14) e os seis mais intuitivos (P02, P08, P10, P11, P12, P15)--Tabela 1.
Specifically, quizzes and tests (P01, P02, P03, P04, P11, P12, P14), rubrics (P09), and Turnitin (P03, P11) were noted.
In other words, the sampling units (point, month/year) should group themselves according to the sampling place (point) (ex: P02 Oct/07; P02 Dec/07; P02 Feb/08...) and not to the sampling period (scenario) (ex: P02 Oct/07; P03 Oct/07; P04 Oct/07...).
Sampling sites Geographical Area coordinates ([km.sup.2]) Lateral 22[degrees] 34' 03.3"S / lagoon A (P01) 52[degrees] 0.110 09' 11.4"W Lateral 22[degrees] 36' 56.5"S / lagoon B (P02) 52[degrees] 0.024 09' 47.3"W Lateral 22[degrees] 37' 28,9"S / lagoon C (P03) 52[degrees] 0.721 09' 21.1"W Paranapanema 22[degrees] 37' 51.6"S / River (P04) 52[degrees] -09' 30.5"W Lateral 22[degrees] 38' 22.0"S / lagoon D (P05) 52[degrees] 0.063 09' 29.0"W Sampling sites Dominant macrophytes Connectivity ([m.sup.2]) Lateral Tipha dominguensis, Eichhornia 50 lagoon A (P01) azurea, Brachiaria spp., Pontederia chordata and Salvinia sp.
Samples of yoghurt products were sent to an accredited laboratory in Slovakia and the prohibited additive was found in the following products: Lefkonitziatis strained yoghurt, expiry date 9/9/2011, weight 1kg; Kouroushis strained yoghurt, expiry date 9/9/2011, weight 300g; Zita 'Super Strained Yoghurt'; expiry date 14/9/2011, batch number P06 1, weight 450g; and Mparpa Thomas strained yoghurt with milk and cream, expiry date 14/9/2011, batch number P03, weight 300g.
3:45 - 5:15 pm P03 - Adolescent Addiction - Treatment, Re-entry,
Except for P03, who made an impressive ceiling performance on the auditory discrimination task, considering her severe dyspraxia, the low-level readers all performed below 85% on the auditory discrimination tasks.
Quanto ao sexo, idade e escolaridade dessas criancas, cada grupo foi assim composto: Grupo 1--P01 (sexo feminino, 9 anos, 3a serie), P02 (sexo masculino, 8 anos, 2a serie), P03 (sexo feminino, 9 anos, 3a serie), P04 (sexo masculino, 9 anos, 3a serie), e P05 (sexo feminino, 8 anos, 2a serie); Grupo 2--P06 (sexo masculino, 9 anos, 3a serie), P07 (sexo feminino, 9 anos, 3a serie), P08 (sexo masculino, 9 anos, 3a serie), P09 (sexo feminino, 8 anos, 2a serie), P10 (sexo masculino, 8 anos, 2a serie).