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Roman (1st District, Bataan), a veteran who is at least 65 years of age shall be paid an old-age pension of P10,000 monthly for life, unless he is actually receiving a similar pension for the same consideration from other government funds.
The P10 award is given to those who demonstrate excellence in the 13 Cultural Imperatives essential to creating an environment where employees want to work and customers want to do business.
The P10 is the first chip in the new Helio P family, a series which aims to integrate into a high-value chipset, premium features such as high-performance modem technology; the world's first TrueBright ISP engine for ultra-sensitive RWWB; and, MiraVision(TM) 2.
Lamello AG products Clamex P10, Clamex P15, and Invis Mx and Minifix fittings were used (Fig.
The Air Fit P10 and Astral 150 are both backed by decades of science and clinical research as we remain focused on three key goals: improving patient quality of life, preventing progression of chronic diseases, and lowering total healthcare costs.
Presently, the law stipulates that a person may get only a P10,000 recoverable amount and P1,000 ($20) for every month of incarceration.
A P10 Visual Processing Unit has over 200 micro-programmable 32-bit RISC processors that are controlled by the graphics driver -- including 16 for geometry processing, 128 for texture processing, and 64 for pixel processing.
The iRiver P10 Personal Media Player (PMP) has a 4-inch LCD touch-screen with 800 x 480 resolution running on Windows Embedded 5.
Total quantity or scope: Part 1 Ey32 mm HDPE pressure pipe, P10 bar.
Total Petroleum Initially In Place(1) (net to Madalena) Oil, NGLs and Natural Gas at December 31, 2012(2) Oil & NGLs Natural Gas Oil & NGLs + Natural Gas (MMbbl) (Tcf) (MMboe) Low Best High Low Best High Low Best High Estimate Estimate Estimate Estimate Estimate Estimate Estimate Estimate Estimate P90 P50 P10 P90 P50 P10 P90 P50 P10 Lower Agrio Shale 3,835.
New Conwy boss Mick McGraa gets first home win; plus all the best local action in 12-page football pullout Comeback kid Paul Scholes celebrates (main and left) after giving United the lead (top) against Bolton LOCAL ACTION P10,1 ?
Strategic level paper P3, Risk and Control Strategy, saw some promising results, but those for paper P10, TOPCIMA, were disappointing.