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P100Protein of Approximately 100 kDa
p100Precursor of 100 kDa
P100Positive Deflection at 100 ms
P100Proteins of Molecular Weight 100K
P100Putative MAPs of 100 kDa
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The wisdom that they have was something that KIA Philippines and Black Water obviously did not possess, for they accepted what the board of governors offered them and paid P100 million to be the league's doormat for the next three seasons, at least.
In order to establish the dynamics of muscle fatigue during 100 DJs the decrease in P20, P100 as well as P20/P100 ratio measured in percent per jump after first 10 DJs, from 11 DJs to 50 DJs as well as from 51 DJs to 100 DJs was evaluated.
Building parts at a rate that approaches one inch per hour, FORMIGA P100 delivers functional prototypes and manufactured parts rapidly.
The new P100 document camera from ELMO USA of Plainview, New York, addresses the needs of government and law enforcement agencies.
The P100 presentation tool is high-definition TV ready, offering 30 frame-per-second capability.
Elftex P100 is Cabot's newest P-Type carbon black for pressure pipe used in potable water and gas distribution, as well as irrigation and utility pipe and geomembranes.
The newly stylized Satellite P100, Satellite A100 and Satellite M100 units are the company's most powerful offering yet and are designed for consumers looking for the ultimate mobile, multimedia rich, digital entertainment experience.
The raiders are believed to have headed off towards Stratford, escaping in a blue Ford P100 flat-bed pick-up and a small black saloon.
The getaway vehicles are thought to be a blue Ford P100 flatbed pick- up and a small black car.
Elftex P100 exhibits a fine primary particle size, as do the company's two existing P-type grades, which results in higher UV light-absorbing efficiency and better weathering performance than those of a conventional carbon black, according to Cabot.
We both know she's not good in a crisis; but that's OK, because I'm the type who's had a flashlight, Cipro, and a National Guard-issued P100 toxic dust mask on hand for more than a year.
John Marc Woosley, product marketing manager at AMD's Embedded Processor Division, said that the chip rated somewhere between Intel Corp's Pentium P100 and P133 desktop processors on the performance scale.