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P12Product of Gene 12 (molecular biology)
P12Protein of 12kDa (growth suppressor)
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884 billion for its five-year T-bonds with an initial offer of P20 billion, but the committee decided to partially award only P12 billion due to the high rates set for the security.
Dr Madigele said the current balance was P12 million as there had not been any disbursement as yet.
Paul Di Resta said "I don't think P12 is a fair reflection of the speed we had in the car today.
SeNuke is simply the best SEO tool available today and with the additions and big improvements in the new version, SeNuke X, it has become even more powerful," said William Bogg, CEO of P12 Enterprises.
P12 closely resembles the protease inhibitor that the tobacco plant produces when under attack.
Model B: test H: p12 = p34 = pk-1, k, therefore comparing correlations of the same pair of variates across repeated measures of the same observations.
PR Savings is the 14th largest thrift bank in the country, with assets of P12.
4 million in 2016, while Air Botswana improved its performance with a net loss of P12.
A contractor faces a criminal complaint before the Department of Justice (DOJ) after he was found in possession of cigarettes using fake internal revenue stamps amounting to over P12 million.
Team-mate Nico Hulkenberg completed the race in P12.
4 kilograms of shabu worth over P12 million from a security guard during a buy-bust operations they conducted, Sunday afternoon at a thickly populated village of Tetuan in this city.