P13Passaged 13 times
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McLaren, a United Kingdom-based automaker, has announced the price of its P13 for the United States market.
Coming back to my point, had I left at 4pm, I may have missed the race, because I can vouch for the fact that we had to go the long route to get to P13 but having anticipated this from previous F1 outings, I made it a point to leave ridiculously early - and then it was smooth sailing.
5) It is essential in the recording of VEMPs to maximize the reliability of the amplitude of the primary waveforms P13 (first positive peak) and N23 (first negative peak).
A inclusao no prototipo P12 de extratos hidroglicolicos de Camomila e de Pera deu origem ao P14 (Tabela 1), que apresentou as caracteristicas verificadas para o P13, sendo o escolhido como cosmetico em filme para atenuar olheiras.
Axis introduces HDTV image quality and precise iris control in new fixed network camera seriesAxis Communications, the global leader in the network video market1, today announces AXIS P13 Network Cameras, a new series of fixed day and night cameras with superb image quality including HDTV video and H.
Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video, today brings enhanced processing performance and the latest imaging technology, including color-at-night Lightfinder, to the robust and successful AXIS P13 Series.
The automaker aims to achieve this objective by launching a range of new sports cars, starting with an entry-level model that is known internally as P13.
Take a big fat Greek holiday in stunning, sunny Santorini P13
But Dave also went one step further and bought his wife Pamela, a fellow chiropodist, P13 TOE for her Daewoo Matiz.
For this reason, the P13 Kinase pathway represents an excellent target for therapeutic intervention.
The P13 refers to the 13 largest pension markets included in the study which are Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK and the US.
Because of intensified efforts, the Provincial Land Transportation Office had collected P13,993,145 from January-September, exceeding the P13M collection target for the year.