P14SPro 14 to Ser replacement
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Winchester, Remington and Eddystone were already geared up to turn out substantial numbers of P14s, so the slight modifications needed to Americanize the guns were not particularly bothersome.
Over the years, I've shot P14s and M17s a good deal and can give them nothing but high praise.
In Britain, for instance, the P14 Enfield became a favorite with Home Guard units.
The rear sight on both P14s and M1917s is a gem, and had to have been designed by a rifleman.
During WWI, both P14s and M1917s were given a beautiful blue finish on all metal.
The Brits pulled their P14s out of storage and put them to some use.
Some went to England early on to arm their homeguard, but since they were nearly identical to the P14s also being used, those American ones were given a wide red band around the forestock so they could be identified as firing the .30-06 instead .303.
After WWII both British P14s and M1917s were dumped as surplus at what we today would consider give-away prices.