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P18Peptide of 18 Residues
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Citing data from the last quarter of 2017, Aquino said the average buying price for rice currently stands at P18.
Additionally, the P18 appraisal well recently began producing gas and peaked at over 2831m3 per day.
Asueta said the modus operandi of the suspects is to convince potential buyers to buy parcel of lands as part of the P18 million worth of lot in Quezon City and other areas.
Citing experts, Pinol said that if traders bought rice from farmers at P18 and sold it in the market for P36, they would already gain a profit of P200 for every 50 kilos of grain.
grew its core net profit last year by 10 percent to P18.
Meanwhile, the Western Visayas police netted one of its biggest hauls of illegal drugs with the arrest of a couple who yielded around a kilo of shabu with an estimated street value of P18 million on Sunday.
P18 will, however, be installed in own house, but may have fuel joint reception with the existing boiler P17.
Funded by the Revised Armed Forces Modernization Programme, the P18.
Exercise could be best medicine P18 Steve Hendry's views and the best of this week's TV offerings STARTS P19 What's on where and when?
RLC) has priced its upcoming stock rights offer at P18.
RLC has priced its new equity offering to existing shareholders at P18.
During the bail hearing of pork barrel scam brains Janet Lim-Napoles at the Sandiganbayan Third Division, Luy testified that he was able to record in his daily disbursement report that Tuason picked up P18 million from the office of Napoles in 2009.