P2BPlace to Be (Italy)
P2BPeer to Business
P2BPlatform to Business (electronic commerce)
P2BPlan to Behaviour (psychiatry; Netherlands)
P2BPeople to Business
P2BProduction to Business (aka Collaborative Production Management)
P2BPlaystation 2 Bios (file format)
P2BPower to Build - Power To Brand (P2B Inc.; Barrington, Illinois)
P2BPaint To Black
P2BPromela to Boolean
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Study participants Level Experiment Control Grade One (P1) Reading P1B (n = 18, 10 P1C (n = 14, 8 boys, 8 girls) boys, 6 girls) Grade Two (P2) Reading P2B (n = 16, 9 P2C (n = 16, 9 boys, 7 girls) boys, 7 girls) Grade Three (P3) Speaking P3B (n = 16, 10 P3A (n = 13, 7 boys, 6 girls) boys, 6 girls) Grade Four (P4) Speaking P4B (n = 13, 9 P4A (n = 14, 9 boys, 4 girls) boys, 5 girls) Table 2.
The most important points of the framework include, but are not limited to: crowdfunding platform operators must meet the minimum capital requirement of BHD 50,000; only person-to-business (P2B) lending is permitted; SMEs with paid up capital not exceeding BHD 250,000 can raise funds through crowdfunding platforms; the onus is on lenders to perform their own creditworthiness assessment on borrowers; and crowdfunding platform operators have to comply with the CBB rules on anti-money laundering, combating financing of terrorism, and consumer protection.
The expression sharing economy is used to indicate "a wide range of digital commercial or non-profit platforms facilitating exchanges amongst a variety of players through a variety of interaction modalities (P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B, G2G) that all broadly enable consumption or productive activities leveraging capital assets (money, real estate property, equipment, cars, etc.) goods, skills, or just time" (CODAGNONE et al.
Conventional Financing Based Crowdfunding Business ("CFC") Person to Business (P2B) is a lending e-platform which takes place on an online portal, through which people lend money to businesses, for the purpose of gaining a financial return in the form of interest payment and a repayment of the principal sum (loan amount) over a pre-specified period of time.
Measure Length Proportion (cm) (%) TL (total length) 107.2 100.00 FL (fork length) 84.6 78.92 PCL (pre-caudal-fin length) 74.9 69.87 HDL (head length) 22.1 20.62 POB (preorbital length) 5.2 4.85 PP1 (prepectoral-fin length) 22.1 20.62 PP2 (prepelvic-fin length) 27.8 25.93 PAL (preanal-fin length) 63.4 59.14 EYL (eye length) 1.6 1.49 ING (intergill length) 1.4 1.31 P1A (pectoral-fin anterior margin) 5.4 5.04 P1B (pectoral-fin base) 15.3 14.27 CDM (dorsal caudal-fin margin) 10.3 9.61 CPV (oreventral caudal-fin margin) 30.1 28.08 CFW (caudal-fin fork width) 3.4 3.17 CFL (caudal-fin fork length) 5.4 5.04 P2L (pelvic-fin length) 2.9 2.71 P2B (pelvic-fin base) 8.7 8.12 ANL (anal-fin length) 1.7 1.59 ANA (anal-fin anterior margin) 8.2 7.65 ANB (anal-fin base) 5.4 5.04
-- For more than 50 years Sujanil Chemo Industries has been a leading manufacturer of agrochemicals pesticides, household insecticides, pest control and public health products, according to Curt Behrens, president of P2B Inc., the sales and marketing agency for Sujanil..
The CBB rules say the minimum capital requirement for crowdfunding platform operators is BD50,000 ($131,600) and only person-to-business (P2B) financing is permitted.
Only Person to Business (P2B) lending/financing is permitted.
In phase 2 (P2a and P2b), survival was obtained by counting three samples (a specific volume, according to seed size; Table 1) and measuring the total volume of seed in each EU.
With MpClear, users can conduct a wide range of payments such as, Person-to-Person (P2P), Person to Business (P2B), Person to Government (P2G), Person to Merchant (P2M), Business to Person (B2P), Government to Person (G2P), Business-to-Business (B2B) etc.
Users will be allowed to conduct a wide range of payments such as Person-to-Person (P2P), Person to Business (P2B), Person to Government (P2G), Person to Merchant (P2M), Business to Person (B2P), Government to Person (G2P) and Business-to-Business (B2B).