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P2CPci to Cpu
P2CPhase 2 Consortium (cancer study)
P2CPyrrole-2-Carboxylate (microbiology)
P2CPush-to-Conference (voice services)
P2CParallel Packet Classification
P2CPower Side to Connector Side (networking switches)
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In the treatment P1c and P2c there was a peak in the content of anthocyanins at 120 days of storage, a fact that did not occur in the treatments with antioxidant.
Preacher and Hayes's (2008) SPSS macro, INDIRECT, was used to test whether Risk Information/Request, Dislike, and Seduction CN strategies mediated the relationship between the Pleasure dimension of attitudes toward condoms and condom use consistency (P2c).
Lo anterior permite decir que las proposiciones P2, P2a, P2b y P2c son coherentes con los resultados arrojados por el analisis de los casos.
P1C 20 - 40 Pronunciada 0 - 10 2a P2C 40 - 60 Fuerte Horticultura P3C > 60 Muy fuerte P4C < 20 Suave-mod.
P2 Commander (P2C) Version 1.6 is a quantum leap forward in the processing of digital evidence from computer hard drives.
Cepas fungicas Tipo de paja aisladas Generos erguida P2C Alternaria sp.
Zona P2C (0,00-0,10 m)--predominam partículas de carvão de contorno irregular (comprimento 20-70 [micro]m, largura 10-15 mm) e oval irregular (D maior 13-67 [micro]m, D menor 12-35 [micro]m) (Figura 8).
You will eligible for this after completing mentored experience as part of the LI Pathway to Chartership (P2C).
The Greensboro, N.C., Police Department has added another interactive tool to its Police to Citizen (P2C) website--the ability to determine if a person is wanted on outstanding charges.
P2c: The consumer's perceived level of uniqueness as an indicator of the exceptional exclusivity and scarcity of a luxury product or service is positively related to the functional luxury value perception.
In assay P2b, the 2 antisense probes hybridized to the same sense target strand, whereas the 2 sense probes in assay P2c hybridized to the same antisense target strand (Fig.