P2C2Pollution Prevention Coordinating Committee
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P2C2 participants' involvement in finalizing decisions was evaluated in only one metric.
The authors limited their review to organization and system level decisions in which P2C2 could engage, as they say, "[Such domains] were excluded to focus our review, and because existing engagement frameworks consider engagement in organization-, community-, and system-level decisions as a conceptually distinct activity from engagement in more societal-level decisions." The obvious question is whether a different scope of this research question might have led to different methods for assessing patient engagement.
To revisit our initial question, does engagement of P2C2 within a given healthcare organization achieve patient-important or clinically relevant outcomes (not to mention public health or population outcomes, which this review explicitly does not consider)?
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Terminology surrounding P2C2 "engagement" may be imprecise; therefore, we designed our search to cast a wide net, then relied upon our inclusion/exclusion criteria to identify target publications.
Moreover, to be included, publications needed to contain a description of P2C2 engagement in decision-making at the organizational-, community-, or system-level; thus, we excluded publications describing engagement exclusively related to personal medical decisions.
We defined a tool as a questionnaire, survey, or other evaluative device that a healthcare organization or system could be used with no or minimal modification to evaluate P2C2 engagement efforts.
Evaluation tools were also descriptively characterized by country, publication date, method of evaluation (quantitative, qualitative or mixed), intended evaluators (leaders, P2C2 representatives, both leaders and representatives, or external evaluators) and setting (healthcare program, individual hospital, healthcare system agency and others).
We identified 199 eligible publications, which were qualitatively analyzed to create a taxonomy of possible metrics of P2C2 engagement in healthcare organization-, community-, and system-level decision-making.
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