P2C2EProcess Too Complicated To Explain
P2C2EPhilosophy to Chemistry to Elucidation (blog)
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Equally, the Beatles' journey through the Sea of Time, the Sea of Science and the Sea of Holes to the Sea of Green and Pepperland, is mirrored in Haroun's voyage to the Sea of Stories, whilst the Sea of Heads traversed by the Fab Four becomes in Rushdie the land of the Eggheads, the only people able to understand the impossible P2C2E ("Processes Too Complicated To Explain").
Rushdie's most explicit acknowledgement of his debt towards Beatles iconography comes when, towards the end of the novel, he introduces a character of mythic stature, the governor of Gup, the land of storytellers, and Grand Comptroller of the P2C2E, who (not by chance
Rushdie the real-life storyteller has given us ample opportunity to figure out the mysteries of this P2C2E if we pay attention to his method.