P2KPassport to Knowledge (est. 1994)
P2KPost 2000
P2KParents to Kids (conference)
P2KPriorities 2000 (Brookings Institution)
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The Mossberg 500, "which is kind of a staple," Rohman said, is also one of the shotguns favored by personal-defense customers at P2K.
Randy Molde, who heads FMG's promotion department, and Shari LeGate, a SI senior contributing editor, reported on the First Shots event at P2K. Four video reports are available on www.
It includes three grooved-feed extruders (90, 135, and 90 mm, all with 30:1 L/D); a Maxicone C die; Optifil P2K automatic gauge-control system; Filmatic S surface winder; and Opticool air ring.
Also, check out apps and games such as the P2K Money app (www.p2kmoney.com), which teaches money management.
By mid-2013, responsibility could be transferred for Paktia, Paktika and Khost provinces, three hotspots known as "P2K."
Also noticeably absent is the inclusion of a chapter on the P2K (Paktia/Paktika/Khowst) region and the Haqqani network insurgent group.
polynomials P2k (x) are defined by the following recurrence:
"Similar to earlier models, the Opticool makes use of the proven Optifil P2K, which achieves uniform film thickness by precise control of air temperature inside the cooling ring," the company says, noting that in addition to higher outputs and improved film quality, the Opticool offers easier handling and more flexibility.
According to a contract amendment signed on 1 July 2005 Opera will make its mobile phone browser available on all major operating systems supported by Motorola, including Linux, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BREW and Motorola's P2K.