P2LPrepare to Live
P2LPaleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Laboratory (Brazil)
P2LPay to Leech
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Prickly Hay The pictures show the P2L class nativity at Lockerbie Primary School
CCND1, p2l, and p53 all harbor polymorphisms of hypothesized functional relevance that have been extensively studied in the context of cancer (Choi et al.
Thus, the probability of selection for the jth Large Known Rural Provider from the ith rural PSU (P2L [KRP.sub.ij]) is:
For example, Waldringer et al (1989, p2l) claim that the initial market for immigrant businesses often occurs within the ethnic community itself -- the community has a set of special needs that are best served by those who share those needs and know them intimately, namely, the members of the community group itself.
P2R have made peace hearts and doves to exchange with Lithuania, P2L made peace leaves to share with the partner school in Kolkata, India.
Measure Length Proportion (cm) (%) TL (total length) 107.2 100.00 FL (fork length) 84.6 78.92 PCL (pre-caudal-fin length) 74.9 69.87 HDL (head length) 22.1 20.62 POB (preorbital length) 5.2 4.85 PP1 (prepectoral-fin length) 22.1 20.62 PP2 (prepelvic-fin length) 27.8 25.93 PAL (preanal-fin length) 63.4 59.14 EYL (eye length) 1.6 1.49 ING (intergill length) 1.4 1.31 P1A (pectoral-fin anterior margin) 5.4 5.04 P1B (pectoral-fin base) 15.3 14.27 CDM (dorsal caudal-fin margin) 10.3 9.61 CPV (oreventral caudal-fin margin) 30.1 28.08 CFW (caudal-fin fork width) 3.4 3.17 CFL (caudal-fin fork length) 5.4 5.04 P2L (pelvic-fin length) 2.9 2.71 P2B (pelvic-fin base) 8.7 8.12 ANL (anal-fin length) 1.7 1.59 ANA (anal-fin anterior margin) 8.2 7.65 ANB (anal-fin base) 5.4 5.04