P2MPPoint to Multi Point
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Zlinx Xtreme Serial Radio Modems for P2P and P2MP Connectivity for Serial Ports and I/Os:
The wireless AMI network rolled out in Aruba will encompass 170 P2MP meters interconnected via seven access points, each of which is capable of communicating with up to 20,000 smart meters and 64,000 distribution automation devices within a 40-mile radius approximately 1,980 square miles.
By providing thousands of square miles of ubiquitous coverage with minimal network infrastructure, GE s Grid IQ P2MP wireless connectivity solution also will reduce deployment and operational costs.
9 GHz licensed mesh and P2MP links while providing dynamic fault tolerance by routing traffic to unlicensed links in the event of 4.
In addition to the superior P2MP video distribution capabilities, the T-series has the ability to leverage Juniper Networks' multi-chassis TX Matrix technology, allowing service providers to scale to multi-terabit rates non-disruptively.
P2MP is an MPLS-based multicasting solution that provides efficient, scalable and reliable delivery of broadcast TV traffic across the backbone.
Juniper Networks pioneered P2MP technology, and has already proven its efficiency in other high-profile broadcast networks, which was a major factor in our decision to work with their technology.
In addition, real time MDI (Media Delivery Index), measurements were made for MPEG encoded video Streams carried over MPLS P2MP LSP in carrier Ethernet environment.
BroadLink is one of the first to incorporate the Cisco Aironet product line in a service provider WAN (wide area network) environment, where it operates as the primary P2MP delivery system of wireless DSL to a subscriber base.