P2OPyranose 2-Oxidase
P2OPerson to Organization
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The company claims that the P2O process can convert about 87% of the hydrocarbon content of plastics into fuel, so that on average, one kilogram of mixed plastic produces one liter of fuel, and it is already operating a pilot plant in Niagara Falls, New York, USA.
Los valores iniciales y finales resultantes para el periodo 2001 a 2009, para el P2O son menores a : Cr: 1 y 1 [micron]g/l y el LL es de 50 [micron]g/l, para el Cd: 0,5 a 0,21 [micron]g/l y el LL es 5 [micron]g/l, Hg: 1 y 0,6 [micron]g/l y el LL 1 [micron]g/l, Pb: 3 y 4 [micron]g/l y el LL 50 [micron]g/l, Ni : 3 a 3 [micron]g/l y el LL 50 [micron]g/l.
The Defendants then used the overvalued financial statements in two private capital raising efforts (Private Investment in Public Equity or PIPES) geared toward raising the capital necessary to begin commercial operation and production of P2O.
NPK were added at the rate of 50 kg N/hectare as ammonium nitrate 46% N, 60 kg P2O 5/hactar as superphosphate 15.