P2O5Phosphorus Pentoxide (chemistry)
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The highest yield components was found in 2016 for 100-grain weight at 200 kg P2O5 ha-1,while the highest number of pods and pod weight plant-1 was recorded at both 150 and 200 kg P ha-1, (Fig.
De meme la capacite de production d'acide phosphorique du Groupe passera de 6,7 millions de tonnes P2O5 en 2018 a 9,0 millions de tonnes P2O5 en 2022 puis a 12 millions de tonnes P2O5 en 2028.
In addition, organic matter, P2O5 and K2O in soil was higher this season than 2012-2013 growing season (Table 1).
0, 50 and 90 kg P2O5 ha-1 (P0, P45 and P90, respectively) assigned to main plots and three rhizobacterial treatments, assigned to sub-plots, viz.
Hennigan concluded; "I have found that the Systech Illinois MM510 moisture analyser is both accurate in its measure of moisture content and is very user friendly, with an ergonomic design and high quality P2O5 electrolytic moisture sensor meaning downtime of the analyser due to servicing is greatly reduced."
Both P and Zn application improved the 1000-grain weight of rice and the highest 1000-grain weight was obtained with the application of P of 80 kg P2O5 ha-1 and Zn application of 8 kg P2O5 ha-1 (Table 2).
The use of mulching in both soils showed greater melon production by applied fertilizer (257.37kg N [kg.sup.-1]; 116.02kg P2O5[kg.sup.-1], 109.89kg [kg.sup.-1] K) compared to the bare soil (199.59kg [kg.sup.-1] N, 89.98kg [kg.sup.-1] P2O5, 85.18kg [kg.sup.-1] K) (Table 2).
Compared to 2011, the consumption of nitrogen plant nutrient (N) was down by 3%, of phosphorus plant nutrient (P2O5) by 1% and of potash plant nutrient (K2O) by 6%.
Combinations of organic manure and mineral fertilizer T5 (N: P2O5 @ 112:45+ Poultry manure @ 750 kg ha- 1) and T6 (N: P2O5 @ 112:45 + Farm yard manure @ 1000 kg ha-1) showed significantly greater influence than other combinations and organic manure alone.
Redwater's annual rock consumption is approximately one million tonnes and the plant has P2O5 capacity of 345,000 tonnes, virtually all of which is upgraded to MAP (MAP capacity of 660,000 tonnes), added Agrium Inc.
Water solubility of P-component (as P2O5) - when expressed as the percentage of water soluble P2O5 to the total P2O5 in the compound, the minimal value should be 90.5%.