P2O5Phosphorus Pentoxide (chemistry)
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Hennigan concluded; "I have found that the Systech Illinois MM510 moisture analyser is both accurate in its measure of moisture content and is very user friendly, with an ergonomic design and high quality P2O5 electrolytic moisture sensor meaning downtime of the analyser due to servicing is greatly reduced.
Therefore, the phosphoric acid produced from some phosphate rocks requires additional treatment to reduce the MER, in order to produce compounds with nitrogen of the required formulation and thus having the required water soluble P2O5.
We are also glad that the average grade of the deposit has increased to over 5% P2O5 which represents a grade increase of over ten per cent.
The report, by MPR Geological Consultants, released to ASX on 4th April 2013, suggested an exploration potential of an additional 600 to 1,000 million tonnes of phosphate rock at 10 to 15% P2O5 using a 5% P2O5 cut-off.
Furthermore, first pass beneficiation test work from the higher grade oxide zone has already confirmed commercial concentrate grades up to 34% P2O5 (refer ASX Release 22nd May 2012) supporting future project development opportunities including early start up," added Mr Taylor.
Resources were estimated by Ordinary Kriging of one metre down-hole composited assay grades within a mineralised domain capturing continuous intercepts grading greater than 10% P2O5.
At a 10% P2O5 cut-off, the total JORC resource (Inferred and Indicated) is 253 million tonnes at an average grade of 15% P2O5.
The average head grade of all sampled material reported 10% Fe and 3% P2O5.
IMC's phosphoric acid plant at Faustina, with an annual capacity of 570,000 short tons of P2O5, and its Taft, La.
Infill drilling confirmed thick zones of high grade mineralisation in excess of 20% P2O5