P2PEPoint-to-Point Emulation
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Use of a PCI-approved P2PE solution can also allow merchants to reduce where and how the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies within their retail environment, increasing the security of customer data while simplifying compliance with the PCI DSS.
We are very pleased that IndiSoft chose to partner with Bluefin for secure integrated payments using PayConex P2PE within the RxOffice suite, said Ruston Miles, Chief of Product Innovation for Bluefin.
PCI-validated P2PE encrypts cardholder data within a PCI P2PE approved point of entry device so it does not reach the merchant's system or network as clear-text cardholder data where it could be accessible to a fraudster in the event of a data breach.
In most cases, P2PE technologies require the injection of a special key to activate the service.
Because data is encrypted at the point of interaction until it reaches the processor, P2PE is the most secure way to process to date," said Delia Pedersoli, International Sales Director of EPS.
Our new consortium with FreedomPay and ScanSource provides retailers with a PCI-certified P2PE solution.
Our system has been designed from the ground up to overcome these challenges; the combination of our API and P2PE security significantly reduces the time and cost it takes for merchants to introduce Chip and PIN payments with mobile devices.
Shift4 seamlessly installed tokenization, P2PE, and online reservation security solutions for the resort.
Whereas cardholder data protection is currently increasingly challenged, the On-Guard P2PE solution enables merchants to reduce their exposure to data breaches.
Planned development for the Retail Realm-Shift4 Interface includes the following functionality: TrueTokenation[R] (Post-authorization data security), 4Go[R] (preauthorization data security), connectivity to all major banks/credit card processors in North America and the Caribbean, reduced transaction fees, P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption), secure data transmission over wireless devices, Chip and PIN (EMV) support, signature capture devices, mobile wallet support (e.
CreditCall's P2PE solution ensures sensitive cardholder data cannot be compromised at the parking meter or the merchant's server or network.