P2RPerception to Reality (trademark of P2R Associates; public relations firm; Livonia, MI)
P2RPrepared to Respond Services
P2RProcure to Report (software)
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Cost criterion - Name: Price of P2R type of benefit: average hourly rates (25% criterion); average weighted coefficients of parts (25% criterion) and type command amount (50% criterion) / Weighting: 60II.
On February 24-26, Alphion will demonstrate the P2R Photonic Transponder, which amplifies an optical signal and provides noise cancellation without converting it to electronic form (Booth #4444).
Built on Alphion's QLight(TM) photonic device integration platform, the P2R Photonic Transponder reduces costs for optical networks currently dependent on OEO transponders to regenerate optical signals corrupted by traveling long distances.
The P2R Photonic Transponder helps maximize the value of optical networks," said Dr.
The OFC demonstration with Intel's TTX11500 tunable laser will showcase the wavelength flexibility of the Alphion P2R.
The Alphion P2R transponder eliminates the need for optical-to-electrical conversion required in traditional OEO transponders.
Alphion is unveiling the QLight(TM) technology and the P2R transponder product line with a public demonstration at the 2004 OFC Conference and exhibition in Los Angeles, February 22-27, 2004.