P2SPoints2shop (Amazon.com points redemption)
P2SPrepared 2 Survive (online forum; UK)
P2SPledge to Safety
P2SPay to Stay
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In addition to whetting their appetite for visually appealing design, P2S can point clients to a wall display monitor that shows the firm's real-time energy savings--including lighting power consumption at a whopping 38 percent below the Title 24 allowance.
In supporting the Gulf Coast recovery, the mission priority for our P2S team is to hire local citizens and provide coordinated, safe training and supervision for the cleanup activities along the coast where they live," said Kirk Grimes, president of Fluor's Global Services Group.
P2S uses a "Zero Incident" policy to encourage employees to practice safety at all times.
Presidential Member Fellow ASHRAE, P2S Engineering, Inc.
P2S has three other divisions established to accelerate the market penetration of its patent-pending P2S MobileMarket(TM): An International Licensing Division markets the P2S MobileMarket(TM) abroad; a Security Division focuses on Homeland Security initiatives primarily related to container security; and a Strategic Transactions Division seeks merger, acquisition, and joint venture opportunities with strategic trucking companies and other transportation-related providers.
Scoopshot, a part of the P2S Media Group, provides a software solution that enables everyone, from professional photographers to student journalists, to easily shoot and upload still and video images into a central, authenticated database, and provides payment to each contributor each time their images are used.
Ishimi, P2S ) Ishimi reports in this article data from a year-long study in postmenopausal Japanese women, in which 25 received a daily dose of daidzein and the isoflavone genistein( Ishimi, P2S), and 29 received a placebo.
Also, the Power2Ship application provides information about available freight capacity among P2S Member-Carriers through the P2S MobileMarket(TM), which broadens the range of services that our customers can utilize.
Richard Hersh, CEO of P2S said, "That positioning Power2Ship with strong, industry-wide knowledgeable members and global companies will enhance our ability to stay well informed on transportation industry and homeland security trends, hurdles and compliance issues.
creator of the P2S MobileMarket(TM), an asset management tool for the truckload freight industry.
Revenues for the segment increased 16 percent in the quarter to $235 million, primarily due to the inclusion of P2S, which was acquired late in the first quarter, while the operating margin declined to 8.
In addition, I'm confident that we'll show substantial internal growth from our Homeland Security initiatives, including our pursuit of government contracts, the relationship we've developed to market the P2S MobileMarket(TM) worldwide through Emerson Fittipaldi and the revenue and profit potential from the logistics programs we are implementing with some of our Fortune 500 shipper customers.