P2SPay to Stay
P2SPoints2shop (Amazon.com points redemption)
P2SPledge to Safety
P2SPrepared 2 Survive (online forum; UK)
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"Our P2S programme is designed to provide students, and particularly mature students or male students, who are interested in a career in healthcare with insight into the world and work of healthcare professionals.
He, too, expressed concern that P2s are available over-the-counter (OTC).
P2S is also an existing relationship for InnoVen since last three years with first loan advanced to them in 2015.
Cynthia Callaway, P2S Engineering Inc, Long Beach, CA
Inter-trial variability in performance was assessed for P1H, P2H, P3H, P1S, P2S, and P3S; and inter-trial variability in coordination was evaluated for positive and negative areas over intervals determined by shoulder and hip events (P1S-P2S, P2S-P3S, and P3S-Pf in arm-trunk CRP and P1H-P2H, P2H-P3H, and P3H-Pf in trunk-thigh CRP).
Six class P2s were built in 1934-36 but sadly the design was never fully developed.
(88) I think there are features of jurisprudence, features of law, which have been mostly researched by interns and junior members, P2s, P3s, which then get pushed on to the judgment book.
Pralidoxime mesylate (P2S) is less effective in producing sustained oxime concentrations and requires 4-hourly dosing, the balance between ageing and reactivation reaction rates for the inhibited acetylcholinesterase is altered in favour of the latter.
The d-dimensional hypercube [Q.sub.d] is the d-fold Cartesian product of P2s, i.e [P.sub.2][][P.sub.2][] ...
Chartier, AIA, ACHA, principal-in-charge; Angel Morales, project manager; Eileen Amano-Peterman, AIA, AAHID, ASID, EDAC, LEED AP ID+C, interior designer (C/A Architects); MEP engineer (P2S Engineering); structural engineer (MHP)
mg [L.sup.-1] [H.sub.2]O me 100m[L.sup.-1] E1C 14,6 215 6,1 0 10,6 7,0 E1S 8,1 207 6,6 0 12,3 8,2 E2C 10,5 182 5,2 0,3 5,6 3,1 E2S 3,5 181 5,4 0 7,2 4,4 E3C 19,8 189 5,8 0,2 9 5,8 E3S 4,3 153 6,2 0 9,2 6,2 P1C 7,3 218 5,5 0,3 6,1 3,9 P1S 6,5 271 5,5 0,2 6,9 4 P2C 19,8 207 6,6 0,2 12,1 6,4 P2S 8,9 175 6,1 0 8,6 6,7 P3C 15,4 168 6,2 0,1 11,5 7,6 P3S 5,7 184 6,4 0,1 9,4 6,6 Variaveis de solo S B Zn Cu Mn Fe Trat.
"We are finalising all of the design details at the moment using the original drawings from the P2s built in the 1930s looking at what modifications need to be made so it is able to run on the mainlines while learning the lessons from building Tornado." The P2 Steam Locomotive company, a registered charity with 2,000 volunteers, is planning a return to the workshops in Darlington to recreate the powerful loco using original drawings from the 1930s.